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Challenges and Triumphs of Training a Bird Dog Pup

I've had Scout for two months and we are finally starting to feel like we have a handle on this three-dog pack and what all that entails. Pretty quickly, Scout has asserted herself master-of-her-domain and pretty much terrorizes the other two dogs all day. They only reprieve they get is at night when she is crated up or when I'm out training or walking her.

Owning a bird dog has its own sets of unique challenges. From my experience these animals are highly intelligent, very active (hyper if you will), and very motivated to accomplish whatever they set their minds to (dig holes, chew things, basically destroy). It's what gives them the determination and grrr necessary to become successful gun dogs. I feel it's necessary to be very active and involved in their daily routine to set up good habits and avoid bad ones as quickly as possible. It's hard, especially if you work and can't be on top of them all the time. Luckily, until recently, my job allowed me to be h…

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