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Utah Pheasant Hunt Opener 2020/Yearly rant

     I had a good time with my year old pudelpointer Scout chasing pheasants on Utah’s public lands yesterday. Chief is out for the count for the next few weeks because of the leg injury he received last week. Hazel is too old to run anymore so it was just me and little Scout. She did great and led me to 2 young roosters.   The weather fluctuated between 60 degree temps to sleet storms where we had to find shelter. Luckily we found an old cattle lean-to that we were able to hide out in for 10 minutes or so until the brunt of the storm had passed.  With the rainy weather I opted to bring my ol' Franchi 48-AL. It's still a great gun and I still shoot well with it. I was glad to blow some of the cobwebs off it.       Other than the two baby roosters we shot there wasn’t a whole lot of action. No quail, just a few hens. I guess they qualify as a limit. I’m not sure if the roosters were wild or planted birds. The hens we saw were hard flying birds so there’s still a small wild po

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