Sunday, October 25, 2009

Oh Sh!t! I'm 40!

I turned the big 4-0 this week. I've been asked a dozen times "how is it to be middle-aged" and whether or not I'm OK with the passing of another decade? The answer is a definite, I'm alright with it. It hasn't really sunk in yet. I'm sure sooner or later I will have that mid-life crisis, go out and buy a Sebring convertible or whatever, but right now I'm very OK. I'm pretty happy with things so I'm sure that has a lot to do with how I'm feeling.

I had a good week. I took off most of the week from work and spent my birthday grouse hunting with my brother Shawn. We moved a few birds and I was able to bring one home. What more could you ask for. I came home and my kids sang happy birthday, we blew out some candles, I got some hugs and kisses and that was about it. It was pretty good as far as birthdays go.

I was able to fit in another grouse hunt this afternoon. Moved a few birds but it seemed that most of them were young/this year birds that just flew up into the nearest tree once we approached them. I could of brought home a couple but I didn't think that shooting them out of the trees was very sporting so I left them alone. Hopefully they will survive and make some more grouse for us to chase next year. I believe it was another successful week in the life of Brett.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


While Chukar hunting last Saturday my brother, his son and 2 dogs ran into a den of rattlesnakes. Before they knew it, snakes were all around them. Callie, his accident prone shorthair, ran over the top of one and was bit on the foot.

Fortunately, it looks like she will recover and be just fine. But it is still early so we're keeping our fingers crossed. That poor dog has had a rough season.

My brother and his son got quite a scare. It was a good wake up call for us all. These creatures are around and abundant. When we enter into their habitat, we need to be aware. Chukars share the same habitat as these snakes so we need to be especially careful during the early parts of the hunting season.