Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Sunday in the Wasatch

I had another great hike with the dogs on Sunday. I saw some new places I've never been before and I was finally able to get Chief swimming.
Hazel loves the water and will retrieve sticks all day. That green stuff stuck to her fur is all stickers and burs, not water plants. Those green stickers are a pain. Not only are they spiky and thorny but this time of year they are sticky and gooey. Not fun to get out of the dogs coat.
However I'm learning that the setter coat actually attracts less burs than my pudelpointer (at least at this age and this length) but the burs are much harder to remove from the setter than the pudelpointer. Just thought I'd share that.
Chief chasing dragonflys across the pond.
Alpine scenery. I love this place.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visit To The Emergency Vet Clinic

We had a little scare with Chief tonight. The little guy got into something and had a horrible reaction. The vet said it appears to be a sting or bite from some kind of insect. My guess is he got into one of the large garden spiders hanging out above our vegetable garden. Regardless, it scared me when I first noticed and his breathing was becoming difficult on our way to the emergency clinic. At first I thought he had a ball or something in his mouth but when I reached in his mouth I discovered it was all lips. All's well that ends well. $125 and two shots later he seems much better. He's at my feet sleeping it off.
Little bugger.

An Evening with Dogs and Elk

I had a very enjoyable hike with the dogs this past weekend. The weather was overcast with a cool breeze. We had the occasional rain drop but nothing heavy. It was perfect for a evening walk in the mountains. As I've said before, the mountains here are amazingly green and lush this year. We went to one of my favorite off trail areas and the foliage was so thick and tall that it was difficult to walk through. We came over a rise into a nice little hilltop valley and walked right into a herd of elk. We came within about 40 yards of them. With the ground cover being so thick and tall the dogs never saw them or knew that they were there. The elk looked great, very healthy and beautiful. There was some very healthy looking calves within the group. That made me smile. After snapping a couple of photos we made an abrupt about face and let them be. If you look at the top photo on the right hand side you can see one of the calves eyes glowing from the camera flash.
The dogs were great and got in a good run. Dogs like mine need to run a few times a week. They have to really stretch out and just run, run run. It does them so much good mentally and physically. Nothing is happier in my opinion than a tired dog. It makes me happy to. Even though I'm just a spectator of it all.

Chief is still doing great and isn't intimidated by the thick cover. He is searching through it all like a bird dog should. He stays close but not too close for a dog his age. He gets upset if he loses me. I let him search me out and find his way back. But if he takes off and heads the wrong way in search of me. I will then call him in. I don't want to get him lost. He minds really well when we are out and about. Around the house… not so much. He's progressing every day and has been a fun pup to own. Now if I could only get a decent photo of him.
Hazel is in her prime and is amazing and a thrill to watch. She is so smooth and fast. She looks like she's gliding across the cover. But when she runs past you can almost feel the ground shake. She is such a cool dog. Hazel had one solid point. I don't know what it was she was pointing. I made a fuss over her and told her "good dog" then I pulled her off and walked her out of that area. I don't want her scooping up any baby grouse or rabbits so I find it best to just leave it all alone and not pursue game animals this time of year. Towards the end of August we will start going into the grouse coverts and start getting serious about all of it. Hopefully we can get both Hazel and Chief into some wild birds before hunting season opens in September.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Biscuit Eater

Late Saturday night I was flipping channels and came across this gem. There were 2 versions of this film made. The original version was made in 1940. It was recommended by a bird dog friend so when I turned it on I thought I was going to get that version. When I realized it was the 1972 disney version I was about to turn it off when I saw the dog playing the role of "the biscuit eater" was a pudelpointer. How awesome is that?
It was a fun family movie. Nothing great and kind of corny, but Jack and I enjoyed it. The bird dog work was fun to watch but you could tell these dogs were put off by all the cameras and crews. This one is not coming off my dvr for a while. If you like bird dogs and old movies, I highly recommend it along with the original 1940 version. The 1940 original is actually a better film but the Disney version is lighter, has better acting and I believe is more enjoyable for the kids. Look them up they are worth the watch.

Below is a link to the original version on YOUTUBE.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Hanalei, Utah

I went up into the mountains this past weekend with the dogs. I don't ever remember it being this wet and green in all my years of living here in Utah. I went up Sunday during a rainstorm and it was so wet and muddy and the foliage was so thick and green it was like hiking through a rain forest. The closest experience I've had to this kind of soaking wet habitat was hiking in Hawaii. We found salamanders and giant slugs on the trails. It's Crazy! I felt like I should of brought a machete and a pith helmet. Seriously, it is just nuts how wet and green it is here this year. In this mountain range precipitation is 211% above average according the latest stat I read. It is beautiful though. Lush and green and flowers are everywhere. But if you go be sure to wear your mosquito repellent. When the sun came out the mosquitos were thick.

I hope the baby grouse are somehow surviving all this moisture. It was a tough long wet winter. Time will tell how they fared. I'm betting the chukars out west are thriving with all the moisture and green grass.

It was still fun. At least for me and Hazel. Chief was wet to the bone and freezing in about 10 minutes. Poor little guy would run out into the woods and then turn around and run back to the trail and just shiver. He ran hard though. He's fearless. There's just no body fat on the little guy so he got cold fast. For his sakes we didn't stay out too long.
He is doing awesome though. I love this dog. Cannot wait to see what he can do this season. This pup is so birdy and has such a pretty point. Him and Hazel should be quite a team. Can't wait!!!
I apologize for the terrible photography but you get the point. It was wet and cold and Chief wasn't happy about it.