Finally, I bagged a wild chukar this year. I've hiked my ass off and shot a lot of shells chasing these birds this year. They have become a real nemesis. It has been since last season that I was able to knock one down. I can relate to how Wile E. Coyote felt towards the roadrunner. When this bird dropped. It felt really good.
After the shot, the bird fell to the bottom of the canyon and Hazel didn't see it. I was yelling like a wild man trying to help her to find it. Probably confused the hell out of her.
Another bonus is that I shot this bird with my 28 gauge sxs. I usually hunt chukars with my 12 gauge but Saturday I figured "what the hell" and brought the 28. I will probably use it more now that I was able to kill this bird.
It sure felt good to get that monkey off my back. I apologize for the bad photo. All I had was a camera phone.


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