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Tenzing BV15 Upland Bird Vest Review

Tenzing BV15 Upland Bird Pack with a pair of Chukar, and a 1-year old Pudelpointer The Tenzing BV15 bird vest is a crossover design between a backpack and a bird vest. It's built to comfortably carry a lot of gear during long days afield and carry it close to your body so it packs well.  Over the past couple of years I’ve had a rollercoaster relationship with this vest.  When I first got it, I was so excited because  it has so many great features. I thought that I had found the perfect vest for my style of hunting. However, the more I used it, I discovered flaws that eventually became deal breakers for me.  I purchased it from Sierra Trading post for an awesomely low price. I believe I paid about 85$ for it. That’s about half-off the retail price and a total bargain. I’d been looking at this vest for some time and had read a lot of positive reviews. When I saw it was available for that low price, it pushed me over the edge on the purchase.  Prices fluctuate all over the place on t

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