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Winter Hunting 2020-21

Another hunting season has come and gone.  I find myself in that time of year where I try to fill my time with other pursuits. Winter is starting to fade into Spring and there is a ton to do around my neglected yard and such. I believe my last post was about Pheasant Hunting and a lot has happened since. We got out a few more times to chase pheasants and we got into some more birds but most of those were planters and nothing really to write about. As I wrote in my previous post, I need to rethink my pheasant hunting. I don’t like planted birds and I don’t get much joy out of bagging them. However, I did discover a couple new Quail hunting spots that are on public land. I am pretty excited about that. These spots are small little islands that I could only hit a couple times a year or I would push them out. I  love quail though. I wish I had more opportunities locally to chase them. I think more trips to southern Utah/Nevada/Arizona are in my future to get after the Gambels quail in that

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