Hiking with Hazel

I have a goal to get at least one good hike in every week this summer. Late Sunday afternoon seems to be the best time for me to get out. Its been a very wet spring so the mountains are just lush with new growth. Hopefully the grouse are handling it alright. With all the snow and rain I'm hoping that they have put off the nesting season until drier weather. I heard my first drumming just last weekend so we will see. I'm trying to keep Hazel in closer and I'm not going to my usual hunting spots to avoid harassing the grouse. Hazel still manages to get into a few. I will have to go up higher in elevation, up into the more barren tundra flats and avoid them for the next few weeks.

Its a great time of year. The mountains are green and the meadows are covered in flowers. The trees are all growing their leaves and the berries are all flowering. Hummingbirds and rabbits are everywhere and the deer, elk and moose are up and moving. Hazel loves the mountains. Up high she spends her time chasing the snowshoes hares and marmot's back into their holes. I just love it up there.

I can't wait until September. I have a really good feeling about this years hunting season. Hazel is impressing me more and more the older she gets. Its her big third season. She is going to be great!

We are getting back into hunting shape after the post hunting season slowdown. Hazel is already in pretty good form. Me not so much. But I will get there. My knees are feeling much better than they were at the end of Chukar season. I guess I will need to brace them up when I go out from now on. It sucks getting old.

Took these photos with my phone. I need to remember to start packing the camera.


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