Utah Pheasant Hunt Continued

Having a great time chasing pheasants this year. My brother and I are getting out as much as we can. The dogs are doing great for the most part. They are young so they still have their moments but overall I'm pleased. Pheasant hunting in Utah is a challenge. Reduced habitat, populations, and finding land available to hunt on make it hard. But, if your lucky enough to bag 1 or 2 it makes it all that more rewarding.

I've developed a healthy hate for phragmites. This invasive plant is taking over the shores of our lakes and wetlands. It has totally changed the landscape in the area we hunt pheasants. Its rough stuff that beats the hell out of your dog. Hazel looks like an MMA fighter after a 3 round beat down. The state has been trying to burn them out with some success. Hopefully they can come up with the proper solution.


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