Beretta 686 Ultralight Classic Matte 12 gauge

This is a unique, ultra cool, light-weight, over-under that is built on a light but very strong, titanium aluminum alloy receiver. I've really enjoyed this gun.  I can carry it all day without much effort. It's perfect for my style of hunting where I'm out and away from the truck for hours at a time. It weighs just over 6 lbs, but it still swings very well for a light weight gun. It may be a little heavy on the barrel end, but that can help my follow through. I feel like I do my best shooting with this shotgun. The engraving is unusual and non traditional other than the game birds (huns and snipes) but I like it. It came with a matte finish on a beautiful dark walnut stock with a Schnabel fore-end. The checkering on the wood is also unusual but very cool looking and fits well with the overall aesthetic of the gun. It has a 28" barrels with interchangeable choke tubes.

This is a lovely gun. The nicest I've ever owned or probably ever will. This is my favorite gun for pheasants and preserve hunts. It also makes a very nice grouse gun. I've used it for everything. I do like using it on chukars but I hate taking it among the rocks of the chukar hills. Those rocks are brutal on a gun. I have used it for chukar hunting in the past and the gun has some scars to prove it. I would say I slip and fall nearly every time I go chukar hunting. especially when there is snow on the ground. It's not that I'm clumsy, its just that the places I go are usually steeply sloped and its winter time so the ground can be wet and slick. Or the surface I'm walking on is basically loose dirt and gravel on a sloped hillside. You slip and slide when your chukar hunting. You can't help it, or at least I can't. I have a hard time justifying the abuse. When I'm older and don't care as much about that sort of thing I could see this becoming my hunt everything anywhere shotgun. For now I will use it exclusively on the flatter ground hunts. The price I paid still lingers a little. I don't like to damage my nice things. And I don't spoil myself very often so I will try to keep this gun as pristine as possible for the time being. Meaning that I will use it but try not to abuse it.
If your in the market for a nice over under I would highly recommend this gun. When you first pick it up you have a "no way" moment and it seems too light for a 12 gauge. But the balance is correct and I guarantee once you spend a day in the field you will appreciate the light-weight design. I've had friends complain about the recoil while shooting skeet but on birds I never notice it. If your hunting involves a lot of walking you will love this gun. I do.
MSRP from Beretta is currently $2175 usd. I got mine for $1450 at the Cabela's gun library about 4 years ago. The gun was perfect. I think I did very well with this purchase.


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