November Hunting

My brother Shawn walking the rimrock during a chukar hunt
I've been fortunate this month to spend a few days afield in pursuit of pheasants, chukar, and ducks.
The dogs working the edge of the phragmites
I've had some great times with friends and family. We are truly blessed to live in a place that gives us these hunting opportunities. I always hear that Utah doesn't have the opportunities of other states for bird hunting. That's true but there are birds available if your wiling to put in the time and the shoeleather.
My nephew Mike on the pheasant hunt
This year we haven't put a lot of birds in the bag but the hunting has been enjoyable and we are getting enough contacts to keep it fun and exciting. Enough birds and excitement to keep us coming back for more. Isn't that what it's all about? (at least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself every time I come home with an empty vest)
The amazing, talented Pudelpointer Hazel
Were coming home empty more because of poor shooting. We've had our chances each time we go out thanks to the dog work. Hazel has been awesome this year and Chief is having his moments too. And my brother's shorthair Sage is also a ton of fun to hunt behind. We have a great mix of dogs that all compliment one another. It's a lot of fun to watch them all get on the ground and work some birds. We had a chukar covey on the move yesterday and Hazel went up high and cut them off while chief worked the covey below and Sage tracked and stalked them from the rear. We had them busted (or at least the dogs did) we complimented it all with missing 5 shots on the covey. :) Holy crap we suck. We had a good laugh about that one. Good times.
The rookie Llewellin Chief. 
Hazel taking a rejuvenating roll in a patch of snow while chukar hunting


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