Fine German Shorthaired Pointer Pups Available

My brothers shorthair Sage delivered a beautiful litter of 10 pups (5 male, 5 female) last Mother's day.

The bloodlines and hunting ability of both parents is about as good as it gets. Sage has been a ton of fun to hunt over and is my brothers pride and joy. He looked long and hard to find the perfect male and found a great sire for this litter.

For more information click the links below.

Top Gun Copper JH. NA l. OFA Excellent (Solid LIver). x Midas Creeks Black Sage NA lll. OFA Good (Black patched and ticked)

Top Gun Copper
(from ad)
Midas Creeks Black Sage
"This litter will produce dominant hunting and family companions. Copper has strong DC Hill Haven Hustler lines with many other Dual, Master, Utility, and other champions in his 7+ generation pedigree.Sage comes from dogs such as VC Sharp Shooter Brightest Star and VC River Valleys Mighty Jeager with many other Versatile Champions. Versatile-Champion is a very sought after title. It requires the dog to demonstrate to its highest ability all of the natural abilities that these wonderful dogs were developed for while using incredible obedience and intelligence. Dual Champion is a dog that "Dual" titles from the field and show (Confirmation) ring. These titles ensure the dog is both physically correct and mentally balanced. Judging of these competitions are not easy or light. "

I've spent a lot of time with Sage and watched her develop from a pup. She has a ton of drive and natural ability. She has a dominant personality but is still very friendly and good with other dogs. Sage isn't afraid of anything. She is very cautious around birds and has an excellent nose. She has a medium range but can stretch it out in open cover.

Another thing I love about Sage is her love of water. One of her best tricks is diving off the deck into my brother's above ground pool. She loves to swim and is an excellent retriever. She's tough as nails, has a lot of stamina and has excellent feet. She can hunt all day without a problem. Sage is big for a female (60 lbs.) but she is well built and has good composition. We've shot a lot of birds over this dog. She's a big friendly goof with a ton of personality. I can highly recommend a pup from this litter. Sages is posted all over this blog if you look around.

The pups were born on Mother's day (how great is that?) and they are very unique, beautiful pups.
Check out some of the coloration and markings on these beauties. There's a lot of variety as far as markings in this litter. There's solid livers and nearly solid blacks, they look like some will have heavy roaning, others have very heavy liver or black markings . Theres one female that has a solid blanket of black other than her legs and stripe of white that connects her back legs. These dogs will be beautiful unique shorthairs with a ton of hunting ability.

The Boys

The Girls (check out the black one on the bottom) If I had room in my kennel I might call dibs on that one!

Ball of  GSP pups

If your interested in a top grade bird dog you can find all the information on the links above. I believe half the litter is spoken for and he's getting inquiries daily so act fast!

Midas Creeks Black Sage pointing a wild pheasant last season


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