Utah Youth Pheasant Hunt 2013

Limit of Roosters in the Bag. Nice Work Parker (aka Rooster Slayer)

Hunter's first rooster retrieved by Chief my Llewellin.
We hope it's the first of many
My brother Shawn's son Parker participated in the Utah Youth Pheasant Hunt last Saturday. I showed up with my dogs and my brothers young pup after the initial fireworks of the opening half-hour were over. My nephew had already bagged his birds for the day but there was a kid who hadn't had a chance on a rooster yet. We were happy to take him out and we were able to help him bag his first bird. It was a good time and a lot of fun for the dogs. The dog's had a nice workout and the smile on this kids face was worth all the effort.

My brother kept a pup out of his litter from last summer. (look back a few posts) We got her pointing some pigeons in traps and working around a lot of real gun fire and real hunting action. She also had her first water retrieve. She's looking awesome for 5 mos. old. She handled it all without a hitch. Shawn's been working with her on all of it and Saturday was a big day for her.  Tons of fun.

Nice water retrieve by 5 month old Oakley. Chief's a willing spectator but not a participant in this event. :)
One That Got Away. No shooter around when Hazel pointed this rooster.

My friend Stuart's Pudelpointer pup Dagney and my brother's German Shorthair pup Oakley during an evening  training session a couple weeks ago. Both will be doing the NAVHDA Natural Ability test next spring.
Good looking pups. Both have a ton of potential. I look forward to hunting over these two young dogs.


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