I haven't had the time to dedicate any time to the blog but I wanted to share a few pics from the last few months. 

It was a good winter. We didn't kill a lot of birds but we had a good time chasing them. My dogs had some good days and some not as good days but we were able to chase Chukars, Pheasants and Huns over the last couple months. 

We'll probably get a few canned hunts in over the next month or so.  We have a couple pups my hunting buddies are bringing along. 

My Brother's Shorthair pup Oakley with her first wild chukar

Chief pointing Valley Quail
Idaho Pheasant
My Friend Bobby with a Big Idaho Rooster

Utah Chukar In the hand

Hazel Pointing Chukar in Utah
Chief Backing Hazels Point Above
Hazels Bird. This was another amazing retrieve.

A very tired and very sore Hazel.

Thanks for looking.


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