Happy Dogs

We got out one last time to chase pheasants for this year. I believe there is one more week left for the Utah late season pheasant hunt and it ends on December 7.

We got out early and had one bird come up right off the bat. I believe Chief, my Llew, was working it and it came up. The bird didn’t fly too far so we chased after it hoping for a reflush. When we approached the area we thought it landed Hazel, my Pudelpointer, instantly got birdy, tracked the bird and pushed it up about 50 yards out from us. I took a long shot that I probably shouldn't of taken but I felt like I hit it and the bird rocked on my shot. It sailed into some cover near the edge of a lake. We followed it and my brother’s dog Oakley located it. It was stuck right on the shoreline. It wasn’t able to fly and the dogs scooped it up rather quickly.

We didn’t see a whole lot more the rest of the morning. My nephew Michael and I got into a couple roosters later around noon. One bird flushed wild while Chief was working it. It flew and landed in a patch of cover right next to a road. Michael and I hustled over to the road and with my dogs at heal we walked to the place where we believed the bird was. I released the dogs and they ran right over and both dogs went on point. The bird held for a long time. It was a lot of fun to watch. I should of taken a photo. Finally the bird broke and Michael and I both shot it at the same instant. It landed in the lake which only looked like it was a few inches deep but when the dogs left shore the mud and sediment in this spot was up to the dogs shoulders. Chief got to the bird and picked it up and struggled back to shore with it. It was a tough retrieve and I was very proud of him for sticking with it and getting that bird back to shore. It took a lot out of him. It was his best retrieve of the year so far. The bird was not much to look at after the double hit and the muddy retrieve but the dog work was good and we didn’t lose it so we were happy with how it ended.

Chief's Mud Retrieve. Bad Photo. Doesn't Show How Muddy He Was. Notice His Tail.
Soon after I was able to shoot one more. That was all the action we had for the day. Personally, I’m done with the pheasant hunting this year. It's been fun but It’s time to hit the chukar hills. I’m looking forward to it. I hope my body is ready.

Muddy Rooster


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