Utah Mountains in All Their Autumn Glory

The Grouse hunt in Utah continues. I haven't been able to get out as much as I'd like but the few times I've been out have been great. The birds haven't been as plentiful as I've seen in years pass but we are seeing a bird here and there. My main goal is to get the dogs in shape for an upcoming  out-of-state pheasant hunt and the chukar hunting that will soon follow.

The dogs are doing good though. Saturday Chief worked a young ruffed grouse well and had a pretty point on it. I was just good enough to knock it down for him. It was his first retrieve of the year as well. He did good but was a little reluctant to let me have it. Eventually we worked it out. It was a good day even though we only brought home the one bird. The mountains are just gorgeous. It's a blessing just to be out in them.


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