I’m taking December and January off from hunting this season. Explanation below.

Hawaii is a beautiful place. White sand beaches, teal blue waters, warm temperate weather. Just the place you want to go and relax. Leave the world and your worries behind and decompress for a while. My wife loves Maui. It’s our go to vacation spot. Her late mom loved it there and I believe being there makes my wife feel closer to her. We’ve been there several times the past decade.

As a family Christmas present we took the whole family this trip and we were having a great time. Snorkeling, Boogie Boarding and just playing in the ocean, enjoying the sand and the surf. About 4 days into our 9 day vacation my foot started hurting. I thought I had sprained my big toe while boogie boarding. By that afternoon it was really getting sore and I noticed a small whitehead pimple on the top of my foot. I thought it was just a blister from my diving flippers and didn’t think much about it. About 5pm that pimple was looking pretty swollen so I attempted to pop it. Nothing really came out of it and all I did was kind of break the skin above it. Then all hell broke loose.

Within an hour I had a fever of about 103° F and was out-of-my-mind sick. My wife and kids were in vacation mode and out for the evening and didn’t realize that I was sitting and suffering in our condo wondering if this was the end. It was crazy! Hallucinating, having crazy thoughts, wondering what to do. I felt like Martin Sheen in that hotel scene from Apocalypse Now. About 9pm my fever broke and I felt a lot better but my foot was really tender. I took a bunch of Ibuprofen and went to sleep. 

When I woke up my foot was about the size of a football and bright red. Off to the Insta-care I went. After x-rays, 2 shots, a bottle of anti-biotics and a hefty bill I returned back to the condo to let everyone know that I have a mrsa infection and my vacation was over. Apparently the ocean is a dirty, dirty place. Especially around the south end of Maui after a flash flood. Suck Suckity suck suck. I had to spend the last 3 days of my trip with my foot elevated with an ice bag. 

That's an ugly foot. I really should cover them up.
So eventually we made it back home but my foot was still not feeling very good. I went through my anti-biotics and my foot was still not right. I went to my local doctor and he basically just increased my dosage of antibiotics. 

So I’ve been on pills for about a month and finally my foot is looking normal again. However I’ve suffered some damage to my foot tissue and it’s sore and painful after only few minutes of walking. Thus no hunting for me until I can get this foot right. I’m so not happy about this because I was really pumped for Chukar season this year. Maybe I will be able to get out in the next couple of weeks for at least one hunt.

Also Chief the idiot-savant setter of mine is so bored that he’s decided to make a break for it and has learned how to dig himself out of the yard. Luckily we have awesome neighbors that caught him so we got him back both times he’s escaped unscathed. We took some precautions and I’m hoping we’ve fixed the problem areas. Poor guy just needs to run and I haven’t been able to help him. Hopefully our luck changes here quickly.

Anyway I wanted to share my excuse for no chukar hunting this year. 


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