Shawn with his limit of Dusky Grouse

I've been out a couple times this season and have really enjoyed getting after these birds and watching the dogs work. My shooting has been terrible and I've muffed a couple really nice opportunities. No worries it's early in the season and were just out having fun and working ourselves back into hunting shape. 

Again, Bird populations look good in the areas we've been. We've seen several family groups each time we go out. Fortunately for the birds we haven't been able to do much damage to them.

Chief my Llewellin had some great points last weekend and Hazel the Pudelpointer did great for a nearly 10 year old dog. I was a little slow and my shooting was less than par but that will improve.
I've been using my 28 gauge side x side and that's been a lot of fun. Missed some gimmes but that's alright.  All in all its been good and I'm looking forward to getting out again.


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