Dreaming of Fall

Just 45 days until the grouse opener. I'm so excited for this upcoming season to start.

I'm tired of these hot, sticky summer days. I need to hike among the colored leaves and feel the crisp, cold fall mornings on top of my head. I'm tired of the dog training and I want to see my dog handle a wild bird for the gun. I'm tired of the crowds up the canyon and want them dispersed due to colder weather. I'm tired of walking the trails. I want to step into the forest, see a new covert for the first time and look at it with anticipation of what possibilities could lurk behind every bush. I want to feel the rushed excitement of a grouse flush and the hurried shots that follow. I want to see the site of my beauty Hazel delivering a bird and sharing that special moment with her. I need to go hunting.


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