T-Ball for Bird Dogs

My brother and I have started a summer training regimen for the dogs. Just working on the basics so our young dogs can stay sharp for the upcoming hunting season. I had my Pudelpointer Hazel and Shawn worked his GSP Sage.

Today we worked on steadiness and backing. We placed some pigeons on the lawn and let the dogs find them and point them and then had the other dog back at a distance. After both dogs did well in the back yard, we took them to the park and did the same thing where the dogs had much more room to search and find the pigeons. They did pretty good but with such an easy drill they should of. Both of these dogs have a lot of prey drive and need to learn better manners around game. They push the birds a little too hard. They will get there though. They are both young dogs. Its just a matter of time and experience.

By 9:00 am both dogs were getting too hot so we called it quits and walked back over to Shawn's house where both dogs took a dip in his pool.


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