A Muddy, Water Retrieved Pheasant. Nice find by Chief my Setter
I had a decent regular Pheasant season and was able to bag a few birds. Most were planters but I believe a couple were wild or were planters that had managed to eek out a living for a few weeks before the dogs and I came along. 

Hazel Working It

Last weekend my brother and wanted to try some new areas and traveled to a spot that was open for the late season hunt. We had some success. Again I think most of the roosters we bagged were planters. We encountered a lot of wind so when the birds took off they were into the wind quick so we had to get on them quick or they'd be gone. We saw some decent dog work and had some good shots to limit out.

Shawn's Dogs: Oakley and Sage. Mother and Daughter with Shawn's Trophy Bird. 

The Nasty Tailgate Shot. 2 limits! Hazel with the PhotoBomb.

Last Bird Of The Day. Cool perspective.

It was a nice day in a beautiful area. It was great to get the dogs out and watch them work. 


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