Hazel taking a dip on a hot day.

I've been able to get out a couple of times since my last post. There's nothing too exciting to report lately. We've seen a few birds but we are not doing as well as we have during years past in these same areas. Again, the Utah DWR reported forest grouse numbers were up but so far that has not been our experience. We are still working hard  and having a good time and bagging a bird here and there.

My biggest complaint so far has been the heat. September has been warm. Hovering around 80ºF or hotter most of the month. It's been hard to get out early. My son has soccer every Saturday morning so that restricts my hunting time to what I can take off from work or Saturday afternoons. Sundays are booked. We've been combating this heat by sticking to areas we know have a lot of water for the dogs to cool down in. We've been hunting along streams or places with ponds and springs. Some days we have the dogs go swimming before we hunt. It does help with their stamina.

Chief taking a post hunt swim. He still loves chasing dragonflies.

First Ruff of the year. a young bird that Chief found. The bird flew straight up into a tree only about 8 feet off the ground. Chief had it "treed" and started barking (more like screaming) at it. I went over to  poked at it with my shotgun barrel to get it to flush. That worked and the bird dove down through some oak brush and I was lucky to get a shot off before it disappeared. It was a very hurried an lucky shot. 
Fall in the mountain west
Hopefully the weather will break for us and cool down some. We have some old haunts we need to check out to see if the birds are more plentiful other places.


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