Bargain Shopper - Discount Upland Hunting Gear

It’s the upland hunting off-season and if your like me your already dreaming of fall and can’t wait for September to roll around again. Even though the guns are stowed-away and the gear and shotgun shells are organized and filed in their corresponding boxes, Boots are oiled and put in the back of the closet. There is still plenty to do. I'm doing my best to keep myself and the dogs in shape. I've been working on retrieving drills with my setter. He's a decent retriever but I would like him to improve on a couple things. 

Turkey hunting season is here and that is fun but for my money nothing beats chasing a bird dog through new covers.

There is one thing about this time of year a price conscious bird hunter should be aware of.It’s time to evaluate your hunting gear situation and see if you can take advantage of retailers need to discount and move merchandise to make room for next seasons latest-greatest styles and gear upgrades.

Below are a few discounted items from reputable brands that I’ve recently discovered and thought I’d share.

Orvis is known for their high quality, practical gear. They have a classic style all their own. 
Below are 3 awesome bargains. If you need one of these items you can’t go wrong with an Orvis product. They also have an excellent warranty and have outstanding customer service.

Orvis® Bird vest 
$64.50 regular price $129 

I ordered this vest and will give a review shortly. I saw it on an Orvis advertisement in Covey Rise magazine a few years ago and thought to myself that would be a perfect September/warm weather grouse hunting vest. But when I looked at the Orvis site they were out of them. I forgot about it until recently and low and behold there it is new and improved and on sale. I’m hoping it will become a go to item.

Orvis® Chaps 
$49 regular price $98

Orvis® Upland Hunting Vest 
$74.50 regular price $149

I’m just sending the link to their hunting page. It appears it’s all on sale.

I use their pants and  their sharptail hunting shirts and really like both of them.

Men’s Sharptail Long Sleeve Hunting Shirt. $28.90 was $45
I like having a button up shirt while hunting. I can roll up the sleeves or unbutton a couple buttons if I feel too hot. I like having a pocket to hold small essentials and these shirts have small slots on the pocket I like to use for q-tips to keep my dogs eyes clear. There is also a whistle loop above the pocket.. Made from a cotton poplin blend with many hidden vents this shirt is an  excellent choice  for early season hunting. 

Men’s PHG Blood and Guts™ Shooting pant  $29.98 was $65 
These pants aren’t as durable as most upland pants and probably wouldn’t last long in most grouse woods but for what I do here in Utah they are great and I get a couple seasons out of a pair of these.
I like them because they are light weight and breathable. They are fantastic for early season and late season chukar hunting and are my favorite chukar hunting pants. I’ve bought 3 pairs. 2 in the old Chukar pant style and 1 in this new style with less cordura coverage on the legs. I use them for everything. but they wont stand up long in the thick grouse woods back east but for $30 they are good for a pheasant or quail hunt or 30.

Men’s Sharptail Field Jacket
$49.98 was $100
Looks like a decent field jacket for $49. I go back and forth on ordering it. I have more jackets than I need.

 I’ve had good luck with Columbia gear and they have a good warranty on their products as well. Order with confidence.

Cabela’s Bargain Cave

Theres some good deals on hunting vests, pants, orange caps, dog supplies and such. I always make it a point to hit the bargain cave each spring to see if there is something I need. They lump the upland clothing with the shooting clothing so you have to weed through the tactical gear to get to the upland gear.


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