Walking The Dog on a Treadmill

I know to some people this seems strange. I've trained my dogs to run on a treadmill and as long as I own dogs (and a treadmill) I will continue to do this. There are nights or times when walking the dog is not as convenient as you would like, or you may have situations like what happened to me last winter where an injury prevents you from getting out. There are those winter nights when the last thing you want to do is walk the dog through a blizzard or other bad weather. Having the dog run a few miles on the treadmill does wonders for their demeanor and gives them the exercise these bird dogs need. Of course, this is not ideal, but it works. The main thing is to get these dogs the exercise their busy-bodies need. It helps their mindset and prevents them from getting bored and destructive.

I usually run my dogs for about 45-60 minutes at 4-5 mph. My setter Chief sometimes longer and faster depending on his mood. When my pudelpointer was younger she would jump on it and bark until I turned it on. She loved it. At 9 years old, not so much anymore. She's hates the treadmill and I slow it down for her after a few minutes to about 4 mph. I can relate.

There are a few videos on youtube on how to train your dog to do this. It takes some patience and you need to start slow and gradually work your way up to a point they feel totally comfortable.  Within a few sessions your dog will get the hang of it. I don't leave them alone on the treadmill and I'm in the same room or at least in the very near vicinity while they are jogging. My treadmill is right next to our family room in my basement so I can watch T.V., play pool, read or do whatever while they have a run. It sounds lazy but it's effective. If you do use a treadmill to exercise your dogs make sure that you are putting in the miles yourself . You'll still need to be able to keep up with your dog.


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