Happy Birthday Hazel

Hazel turns 13 years old today.

This dog is a great friend and companion. I miss the days when she could tear up a cover or dive into a patch of fragmites for a tough retrieve. Unfortunately, time has caught up to the old girl and those days are behind us. I'm considering her as semi-retired. She can spend her remaining time dozing on the porch and nipping at the pup when she gets annoying. Hopefully, I can put Hazel in the occasional situation where she can get up a few more birds before age completely catches up with her. 

 Hazel and I have been through a lot together. We've had some of the most epic experiences. Those memories I'll cherish until the day I die. There were times in the field when it felt like we could do no wrong, and we've had days where we couldn't do anything right. It's been a journey and I will forever be grateful to her for all of it. She's taught me so much. I love this dog. Happy birthday girl.

Hazel in her prime getting after it.


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