Fog and Cheatgrass

Today was spent climbing hills through fog banks and sunshine chasing chukars. It was pretty crazy, at the bottom of the mountain there was maybe 100 yards of visibility. Everything was coated in whores frost. It was quite beautiful. Hazels eyebrows and beard were covered in white, it looked pretty cool. It wasn't until I was near the top that I broke through to a beautiful sunny day. It was in the 20 degree range down low in the fog and mid 40s on top in the sun. The exact opposite of what we experienced a couple of weeks ago. Hazel did great. Nice range, a lot of great casts. We moved a few birds and Hazel had a nice point on a small covey. Unfortunately I can't hit sh!t lately. (lately?) But the opportunity was there and the dog did good so I was happy with that part of it all. We are supposed to get hit this week with a snowstorm and the tempature is supposed to plummet to the teens. I was hoping to get another hunt in over the holiday break. We will have to see.


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