October Bird Hunting

Young ruff that evaded my shot. Hopefully it will survive the winter to make more grouse next year.
My favorite month has come and gone. I did some great hunting with family and friends. Grouse season this year has been a lot of fun. Steady action most every time we went. It was a blast. Hopefully the snow will hold off for a little longer and I can enjoy a few more days in the mountains chasing the ruffs and the blues.
Nice Male Blue Grouse
Chief with a nice Blue Grouse. Chief relocated it after I wounded it. After flying a couple hundred yards Chief pointed it again and I was finally able to bag it on my second try. Great work by a young dog.

At the edge of the cover wondering what direction we should go. I should let the dog decide... She's usually right.
Another Blue for Jeff. Amazing shot on a fast moving bird. The bird was wounded and running. Chief tracked it and caught it after plucking the tail feathers during the pursuit. Nice mature male bird.


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