Hazel The Day After I Brought Her Home with Her New Surrogate Mom - Zoe the BullMastiff.  Zoe was stoked. :)
Cedarwood's WitchHazel at 8 weeks old back in 2007

She's been a strong retriever from day-1

Today is our pudelpointer Hazel's 7th birthday. It's hard to believe that much time has flown since we got her. She's been awesome since the day I brought her home. I'm not saying she's perfect or the best hunting dog ever but when it's all working with Hazel it's as good as it gets. Her personality makes up for any faults she has. She's loves hunting and not just finding birds, I believe she likes the interaction between us humans and with the other dogs as much as the hunting.

Have you ever had your bird dog give you a joy-growl when it's retrieving a bird to hand or angrily bark at you to release her from a WHOA-command if the other dogs point is unproductive. Don't you dare ever forget about her in the field because when you do who has a way to make things exciting, real fast. I have and love the attitude and personality she brings to every hunt or every romp in the yard. She's awesome and I love her.

She's sold me on this breed. I can't imagine not having a pudelpointer in my life. Hopefully I can get another one with her attitude, spunk and loyalty.

Hazel, The Day Before Her 7th Birthday. Doing What She Loves Most.


  1. Great blog/writing and terrific photos! Forcing me to reminisce over all of the hunting trips my dad I did together. Daughter arrived this summer and your blog just might get me back into the sport and keeping the tradition alive.

    Again, great work!

    -Brendan (sandy, utah)

  2. Thank you. I appreciate that very much. I wish I could devote more time and effort into the blog, I really enjoy creating it.
    Get a dog and go hunting and create new memories for you and your daughter. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you get back into it.

  3. I miss grouse hunting. it is and was my passion. my gsp died both of them and my lab passed on too as well as my dad who we used to go grouse hunting. what a wonderful way to pass a day in the woods with great dogs and family. they will be forever missed. I haven't hunted grouse over dogs since 1994.. I truly hope to some day again. your blog brings back fond memories afield.


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